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    The Entreprenuerial Web Think Tank
    Prescience is dedicated to coming up with brilliant ideas for the web and bringing these ideas to life.

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Prescience Online - The Entrepreneurial Web Think Tank

The inherent value of an idea is the single most important element, therefore imagination and creativity are paramount.


Once a great idea is born, our web developement team will take the idea and turn it into a hard-coded reality.


Design has no limits - every project must be outfitted with its own unique style to fit the look and function of the site.


We specialize in using cutting-edge SEO tactics to drive targeted, high-value traffic to any website in any niche.

Prescience Online is a web development company dedicated to producing stylish, high-end online information portals to make doing the things people love easier, more social and more intuitive.

Our Recent Work...


Project: Protagonist.nu
Date: February 2012
Description: Quality vintage clothing from second-hand stores and outlets is a prized commodity, and Protagonist.nu hopes to help make it easier to exchange high demand vintage items on the Web. By creating a community dedicated to vintage clothing commerce, Protagonist.nu hopes to be the go-to destination for fashion aficionados who are looking for the newest pret-a-porter trends.


Project: VIPaffiliates.com
Date: January 2012
Description: Performance marketing and online affiliation have become a massive business in the past 10 years, yet increasingly it appears that affiliates are no longer given the attention and customer service they deserve despite being the main source for online sales in this domain. VIPaffiliates is an affiliate program created to return the emphasis in performance marketing to where it should be: Top tier affiliates.


Project: AustinInformation.com
Date: September 2011
Description: Austin, Texas is one of the hottest real estate markets in America and has been for some time now. AustinInformation.com is a sleek and easy-to-use website that helps potential buyers and renters find a potential residence that fits their needs in the city dubbed the Live Music Capital of the World.


Project: HardwareMarbleFalls.com
Date: September 2010
Description: HardwareMarbleFalls.com offers a fresh web design intended to effectively convey basic information about an Ace Hardware store located in Marble Falls, Texas. The website was designed to highlight weekly promotions and coupons and offer potential customers a view of the store's inventory.

Fresh From The Blog...

Unnatural Link Building Activity

July 1, 2012  |  No comment

  So much has occurred in the world of SEO since the last time we blogged that it's hard to even know where to begin. Let's start with the "shot 'heard round the world" in the SEO community that happened in March of this year: BuildMyRank's sites were deindexed by Google and thousands of webmasters who had used the blog network to build High PR links received automated messages in Google Webmaster Tools (including yours truly) stating that the online behemoth had noticed "unnatural link building activity." The messages went on to say something along the lines of, 'if you've built unnatural...